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                         we lie to cover up something
                        our lies are only words though there nothing
                                  TO YOU
                                            to someone else a lie is the falling apart of the world
                                  every lie has a truth
                                              lies are just ideas of can come
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Therphy by all time low
               My ship went down in a sea of sound
When I woke up alone, I had everything
A handful of moments, I wished I could change
And a tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade
In a city of fools, I was careful and cool
But they tore me apart like a hurricane
A handful of moments, I wished I could change
But I was carried away
Give me therapy, I'm a walking travesty
But I'm smiling at everything
Therapy, you were never a friend to me
And you can keep all your misery
My lungs gave out as I faced the crowd
I think that keeping this up could be dangerous
I'm flesh and bone, I'm a rolling stone
And the experts say I'm delirious
Give me therapy, I'm a walking travesty
But I'm smiling at everything
Therapy, you were never a friend to me
You can take back your misery
Arrogant boy
Love yourself so no one has to
They're better off without you
(They're better off without you)
Arrogant boy
'Cause a scene like you're supposed to
They'll fall aslee
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                          IT'S funny how the people
                    Who hurt you the most
                          Are the one's who sower they wouldn't
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  LIFE is something we grasp on to no matter what unless our glass heart is shattered
        LOVE is something we yearn and grasp for in the dark
                HAPPYNESS is acceptance of one flaws are who we are
                        DEATH is what happens when our souls need a rest
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                    The World is a dream
               The world is a nightmare as a blissful heaven
            The world is an eye that is connected to a dog that left a print
         The print were you knelt down and confessed how you loved her
       The moment that happened a fire started to bring in the new
    The fire brought anarchy to a girl named Jane her parents are gone
  The tears that fell down are the same one's you brought apoun to a homicidal girl
 The pain her felt left a story that was never finished with a proper ending
The human race needs a place for home ether a beach a notebook a dream a drop of reality
The drop of reality falls through a well to add a another drop to the collection
The opening of a new life brings joy to the world whether they now it or not
 The step of a
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        In a ocean of emotion I beg to differ to say that your strong.
                    You think your strong as you break under pressure or hate
         Everyday you look in the water and say your not insane
                   You call your self original while you act the same as all the others
    Your too sacred too look at your self or be in a room with your self
                You block the colors that are seeping through your fingers
                       You look in the water too see you.
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Love, me
I love,you
 I,hate you
   You,hate me
      Can you forgive?
        Can you?
          Love is a demon but an angel and that is what makes us human, yes?
                 Fall back on the ground if you need but not too long or it will fall apart as you scream your wishes.
                     My temptation is what makes me human
                        my innocence is what makes me human.
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A poem for no one
                            LOVE is an emotion
                         HATE is a demon
                    JOY is a secrete
               PAIN is a scream
         I am a soul
:iconnastul0ver:NastuL0ver 1 0
Hoodie x oc
hoodies pov
I've been stalking this girl for awhile, I fallowed her to the forest to find her on the floor. she asked if I was death I answered shakily no, and why? she let her head droop and whispered in a barely atubule tone I just want to be forgotten. I  sadly looked at her and saw her faint probley from exsation. I picked her up and brought her to the mansion. I saw her start to stir so I left her on the couch.
Embers pov
As I slowly opened my eyes I saw a faceless face (That's slenderp!!!!)I slightly moved back he looked at me I think and told me you are now one of us Ember now what will your creepypasta name be I thought and said "Stitched" all right stitched look in the glass. I looked and saw a refection witch almost made me scream bloody murder and gasp. my brown short hair was long and a light and miduem bright purple in the light but very dark purple in the dark. My once brown eyes are now golden with flecks of green. the man who's name was slender man gave me a mask t
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Hoodie x oc
Hoodie x oc
Ember's POV
"My ship went in a sea of sound, when I woke up I had everything.." as I sang to this sad but sweet melody I remembered memory's that I had keep at bay. All the bully's, the bruises, the abuse. I walked aimlessly just waiting for death to meet me. That is when I saw a light. As I woke up I was 7 my first and only good memory, my father and I were playing tag. The light came back this time I was 12 I saw my friend Quetzal running telling everyone I was abused when I was only lying to get a friend. Police came to my home dragged me out and put me in a room with a nice lady to talk too. I put on a fake smile and wished I was dead. After being an amazing liar they only saw a boy cried wolf. The light consumed me again to see me at age 14 witness Jake's death it wasn't horrific but it hurt me so much that I tried to join him. His wrists were dark with the lies the teachers and life told him, I ran, ran from the memories that hunted me. I woke up too see a boy about 1
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